HSBC Liquidity portal

Client: HSBC

One destination designs

A lot of my work for HSBC was for a B2B application and I can't showcase that work as I signed an NDA

However one of the fun things I was asked to do which the NDA didn't cover as it was pure concept, was a design for a responsive Liquidity portal. I tired three designs, two with a top to bottom contrast between the media section and the information part of the site

The contrast design wasn't liked as much as the full dark one because the client wanted the portal to look different to the normal HSBC websites. The portal had to have quick links to all the main sections that Liquidity covers. There were five main sections so a future one was added to hold news and events to keep the nice balance of two rows with three sections.

I also designed the ipad version of this portal and the mobile versions for 375 and 480 pixel widths.