Express online work

Client: Northern & ShellDate: May 2014

A varied role

Whilst working for Northern & Shell I was asked to do a number of various digital design jobs.

I was asked to design a portal for links to all the various e-commerce websites that were going to be launched.

I was also asked to look at updating the Reader Offer website with a clearer top section and more pronounced expiry feature.

I was also asked to mock up various commercial opportunities including advertorials and full page takeovers as this BT Sport example shows, Coral Fantasy Football, Ocado food and recipes takeover and a Palmolive microsite.

Supporting graphics

The Express commissioned a new feed to pull in sporting highlights on to there various sports homepages. I was asked to create a look and feel to title this widget.

I decided a more graphical style would work well across the various different sports and tried to keep the perspective of each the same. The main focus of the banner was the sporting equipment used in each sport.