Express Bookshop

Client: Northern & Shell

The start of a digital era

The Express newspaper was moving into a digital age. With that came a lot of e-commerce opportunities and ways to sell online what they currently sold quite well in their newspapers.

The average reader of the Express is adults in their mid fifties so creating an e-commerce bookshop was a top priority.

Using the Bertram Group as a supplier for distribution and creation of this website I was asked to design the look and feel for the website including the Express Bookshop logo. The design of this logo heavily influenced the colour scheme of this website.

The main priority I felt was a large carousel at the top of the homepage highlighting new and special offers. The rest of the page structure had to show the depth of content that was available to buy.

Do to the expected elderly age of the user a simple navigation keeping highlighted the section you were in seemed the most logical way to help a user understand where they were and how they got there.