4oD Short Form

Client: Channel 4

Adding Short Form content on to the 4oD platform

A business decision was made to take control of our short form content to help push the more profitable VoD (Video on Demand) views. Using the existing 4oD website the agency Nice were approached to come up with a few solutions to how this could be done.

Working together we came up with the open draw strategy allowing a user to access this content if they wanted to without interfering with the main objective of this page which is watching the full length episodes.

If a user was only interested in seeing the clips and extra content we gave them a tabbed option to see a filtered view of that content only. We decided on making this tabbed section a grid view so a user could easily distinguish between the two types of content.

I designed the video player overlay which holds the short form content. Some of the design challenges were to fit in a lot of clips so a scrolling mechanism was needed. I decided on using a list view to hold this content. It meant I could use the height of the video player as fixed height and put in a small control strip when more than six videos were available.

The design of the overlay also allowed a advert to the relevant long form clip to be added. This would save a user time and on click would close the short form player and load in the long form content underneath.

New button design

With the addition of the new functionality I had to design a new set of buttons. I deliberately separated the icon from the descriptive text with the hope that in time they would be so recognisable we could drop the words altogether. This would be very advantageous for the small screen versions of the 4oD service.