EA Store

Client: Electronic Art

EA Store new homepage, product page and html email designs

When I joined the EA Store team my first task was to look at how we could redesign the store starting with the homepage. There were a few things I need to consider including how we could cross sell better and if we should split that up via platform or genre (in the end we did both). The different types of left hand navigation were very interesting to play with and we decided on splitting it up into Brand, Genre and Platform. We hoped this would stop any disappointment that the game they wanted wasn't on the platform the customer had.

I also took a lot at our product pages to help again try and help cross sell either similar games in that genre or other expansion packs and other titles within that brand. For a game like The Sims this opened up a lot of potential revenue by surfacing all those products with context of a brand instead of separate pages.

Another task I had to do was create html emails when a new game was coming out. Often EA Store would have some exclusive content if you brought from them and a targeted email certainly helped with conversion.