Virgin Media

Client: Virgin Media

A huge redesign and team management responsibilities

My time working for Virgin Media was mainly spent running a design team of six designers of all skill levels. The company was in the middle of a huge technical and rebranding project which was already a year late. I used my experience in building in house design teams to help get the right people in with the skills we needed to finish the job.

When work was extremely busy and I wasn't in meeting I would always get my hands dirty and be involved in designing. I helped art direct the new phone, broadband and HDTV section of the redesign. I had some amazing senior designers who helped get the header graphics to an amazingly high standard also as you can see form the HDTV example.

Other design jobs I was able to complete was the Spotify section in the MyVirgin Media area which was an additional benefit of taking out Virgin Media broadband.

I also designed the help screens for the new modem Virgin Media was rolling out to all their customers: The Superhub. I also helped design an online help ap for diagnosing internet problems but due to budget issues this was never actually made.