A location based job app

Client: ShellDate: April 2019

Designing a solution to an industry problem

I was hired to do the UI for a LinkedIn style job website for truck drivers

There was a problem however there was no UX done on the product.

So I went back to the six months of research on an industry shortage of truck drivers. I found the research highlighted a smaller need that a hiring manager struggled to also find emergency drivers when they needed them.

I wanted to design an app that used the power of mobile phone technology as best as it could to prevent extra dev work and it allows a user to interact with functionality they already know. So I wanted to access their camera and location preferences to help verify a user by using the camera to take a photo of their driving license and to find out where they are.

These screen shots show key user journeys I put together using Adobe UX after some whiteboard work. If you want to read about this app in more detail please download the initial concept document and then a more detailed description of the ideas behind these screens.